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Stove Installations

HETAS Stove Installers

We are HETAS certified installers fully trained to install Wood Burning Stoves, Multi-Fuel Stoves and flue linings. It is essential your stove is installed correctly by a HETAS certified installer, to ensure it is safe and works efficiently. This includes installing a flue lining which improves the stoves performance and ensures emissions produced by the stove leave your home safety through your chimney.

To find out more or to book a stove installation, call us on 07946 389261 or Email Us. For prices and information about the benefits of stoves, selecting the right stove and why you should line your flue, choose from the options below.

The Benefits Of A Stove

A ‘Wood Burner’ is a fantastic way to heat your home as it generates far more heat than a traditional open fire and is a stunning feature in any room.

Around 70 to 80% of the heat generated by an open real fire is lost goes straight up the chimney whereas only 20 to 30% of the heat generated by an efficient wood burner is lost. Stoves are more cost effective that electric powered radiators and gas fired central heating radiators.

Stove Installation Prices

Please get in touch for a detailed installation cost. Costs do not include any additional work that may be required in the fireplace area, for example installing a new hearth or a fireplace surround etc.

Please Note:

  • We will conduct a site survey before installation to confirm the full price including any additional work
  • Flue liner installs require the chimney to be swept first to remove debris and blockages and ensure a clear path for the liner
  • Installations will take place using roof ladders although scaffolding may be required depending on the height of the building and accessibility to the roof. This will be confirmed during the sire survey.
  • All prices include VAT
Stove Kilowatt Output
A stoves heat output is measured in Kilowatts (kW) and the size of your room will determine the kilowatt output you need.

There a number of things that can affect this such as how well the room is insulated, what ventilation there is in the room, are there any open doorways or staircases in the room etc.

Enter your room dimensions into the calculator to work out what kilowatt output you need for your room. When we come to your property to do a site survey, we will make recommendations based on the specific circumstances in the room.

To buy a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove online, visit our friends at Brighton Chimney Sweeps for high quality stoves at competitive prices.

Lining Your Flue

The are two important reasons to have your flue lined, safety and efficiency.

1. Safety
The flue is the cavity inside your chimney breast through which smoke escapes. The brickwork on the inside of the flue walls can deteriorate over time and it is not easily accessible, the flue is usually not maintained other than having it swept.

As brickwork and mortar deteriorate, cracks can appear through which smoke can escape. The cracks could be in the flue wall that is above the fireplace in the same room, in a room above, in the void between floors and even in the wall that separates adjoining properties.

Having a smoke pressure test is one way to check for cracks and leaks but it is not a guarantee as leaking smoke can be very difficult to detect and a leak could form in the days, weeks, months or years after a smoke test has been completed. The only sure way to ensure smoke is leaving the property through the top, out of the chimney pot is to have it lined.

Remember: smoke contains Carbon Monoxide which is a deadly gas. Small amounts over a long period of time or large amounts over a small period of time can kill.

2. Efficiency
Most stoves are designed to work with a 6 inch diameter circular flue, a few are designed for a 5 inch diameter flue or a 7 inch diameter flue. Brick flues are usually 9 x 9 inches or 12 x 12 inches square, a lot bigger than stoves are designed for. The stove manufacturer will specify the flue size required for your stove and they will give the expected heat output and efficiency, e.g. 5 kilowatt and 70% efficient.

These expectations are based on the stove being fitted to an appropriately sized flue. If the flue is not lined and therefore the stove is attached to a brick flue that is too big, the stove will not be as efficient. The brick flue will takes longer to warm up than a flue liner would and this can result in a sluggish burn and/or more fuel to achieve the heat output you would expect with a lined flue.

HETAS Installers
We always recommend having a flue liner installed with a stove and this should be done by a HETAS certified installer. It is possible to do a DIY install or ask a general builder to install a flue liner, but legally this requires sign off from your local building regs team. HETAS certified installers can self certify, i.e. we can sign off our own work.

Chimney Sweeping Worthing:

We are also fully trained and experienced chimney sweeps servicing domestic and commercial properties across Worthing and the surrounding areas including Amberley, Ashington, East Preston, Ferring, Findon, Littlehampton, Pulborough, Steyning, Storrington and beyond. To find out more about our chimney sweeping service, visit our Chimney Sweeping page.


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